Creativity is a necessary manifestation of creative ideas in order to truly impact the spirit and hearts of people.

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Ajeeb in Persian means ‘strange’ and in Arabic mean ‘wonderful’. At Ajeeb Studios, we're committed to crafting strange, innovative ideas and aesthetics that set new artistic standards, bringing people together wonderfully—all while harnessing creativity, technology, and culture to create brands that drive value for our clients and impact the world.

Imperfect Expression.

We're proud of our imperfect expression just as much as we are powered by strategic thinking and bold branding. We believe in the value of a collaboration-based approach to design, and that's why we work with our expansive Ajeeb Studio network of multi-disciplinary specialists to ensure that each project is uniquely tailored to its specific needs.

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We will give you a voice no matter what type of a brand you are. Get inspired and create your own buzz with us.


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We believe in making an impact globally, one movement at a time.



We've enabled some of the world's most innovative companies to be creative, grow, and generate new perspectives.

We work with these brands to design experiences that move the needle and the heart.