Third Culture Coffee

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Illustration Packaging

As a studio, our approach to the TCC brief was to fully immerse ourselves in the client's vision, understanding that the packaging not only had to be visually appealing, but also needed to embody key brand values: simplicity, relatability, and the power of coffee as a metaphor in everyday life.

To bring this concept to life, we developed a unique and engaging illustrative packaging series that captured the essence of the TCC brand. Our focus was on showcasing the interactions between people and their relationship with coffee, highlighting the many ways in which coffee can be enjoyed on both a physical and metaphorical level.

The final line art style we chose was carefully crafted to complement the minimalist packaging of the brand, using a simple palette that allowed the illustrations to stand out while still remaining true to the brand's aesthetic.

Not only did we create packaging that was visually stunning, we also ensured that it was versatile and could be used across a range of mediums, including bags and cups. This allowed the brand to have a cohesive look and feel across all of its products, further reinforcing the brand's commitment to simplicity and unity.

 Third Culture Coffee

Overall, our goal was to create packaging that not only looked great but also resonated with customers and conveyed the core values of the TCC brand. We believe that our illustrative packaging series achieves this, capturing the essence of the brand and creating a unique and memorable experience for coffee lovers everywhere.

 Third Culture Coffee